Environmentally friendly thermal till rolls.

Naturoll thermal till rolls are 100% FREE of colour developers and colour formers that are usually found in thermal paper. No chemicals means no harmful nasties [and no reliance on Leuco dye].

Plus it’s sustainably sourced and compatible with leading thermal printers.

With Naturoll you can to truly future proof your business. Protect your customers, employees and the environment.


The law is changing!

Bisphenol A restriction in thermal paper

On December 13, 2016, the European Commission published a new regulation restricting the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in thermal paper in the EU.  After 2 January 2020, thermal paper which contains BPA in a concentration equal to or more than 0.02% by weight will be banned from the EU.

Naturoll thermal paper is 100% free of BPA, BPS and colour developers.

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Helpful FAQ’s.

Naturoll works without chemicals because the black layer is already integrated in the thermal paper. This black layer is covered with a white thermosensitive layers. Upon printing, the thermal print head is heating the upper layer of the thermal paper. The opaque coating layer becomes transparent on the activity of heat and makes the lower layer visible. In principle, instead the chemical reaction of colour formers and colour developers, Naturoll is a purely physical process.
This is due to the patented award-winning technology. To avoid any chemical reactions to the thermal layer. A unique blue colour is generated. As we are not using any colourants or tints.
Yes, Naturoll is 100% recyclable due to its unique composition it can be recycled whereas standard thermal papers cannot. By switching to Naturoll you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Naturoll has been certified by an independent institute, ISEGA. It does not release any substance when in direct contact with hands, food or water. This is unique to Naturoll as standard thermal papers, even phenol free, are only approved for indirect contact. Naturoll can touch food without any health or safety concerns – this protects the food, your customers and employees. And the environment.

Standard thermal paper creates an image by a chemical reaction using colour developers and colour formers. This is initiated by the heat from the thermal print head. This reaction can be reversed over time due to heat or chemical dissipating. In Naturoll the thermal print head melts through the control layer leaving the black layer visible. This process is not reversable thus making Naturoll resistant to oil and water and sunlight.
Yes Naturoll is FSC® Certified (FSC-C004309).
The main ingredients are pulp, minerals, paper binder, wax and a black pigment (black layer) – and the thermosensitive, opaque white layer. The substances have been classified as non- toxic, nor carcinogenic. A certificate can be provided on upon request.
The innovative, award-winning technology for Naturoll thermal paper was developed in a long-term R&D work of a major paper manufacturer in co-operation with a US-based chemical company. Naturoll is supplied by Ökobon GmbH.

Fortoak Rolls LTD is the distributor in the UK and Ireland.

No. Naturoll is thermal till rolls are compatible with leading thermal printers. Please note to use the right width and diameter of the rolls to your machine.

If the print quality is too weak, you may need to adjust the print intensity by modifying the heat level.

Naturoll thermal till rolls are compatible with ink-jet and matrix printers. This illuminates the requirement to use a ribbon.