PPE Products

Protective Packaging

Void fill packaging including air cushions or packing paper.

Our flexible protective packaging solutions are designed to protect goods in transit.

We offer eco-friendly void fill packaging solutions from the UK’s leading protective packaging specialist, Storopack, including AIRplus® (air cushions), PAPERplus® (packing paper).


How to choose protective packaging

When deciding which void fill to use, consider the following factors:

Film-covered air cushions

  • Tear resistant, reusable and made from 99% air and 1% film.
  • Uses less storage space and is inflated on demand.
  • Uses less energy and water to manufacture compared to paper-based cushions.
  • 100% recyclable and can be disposed through household recycling.

Paper-based cushioning

  • Made from wood which is a renewable raw material.
  • Environmentally friendly with uncoated paper types.
  • Versatile and reusable with outstanding cushioning characteristics.
  • 100% recyclable and can be simply disposed of in the paper collection bin.


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