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Speciality Raw Materials

We offer speciality raw materials to manufacturers.

Our manufacturing heritage and expertise means we’re able to offer a wide range of speciality raw materials. Whether for use in paper, hygiene or adhesive products, we deliver exceptional service, great value and superior quality.

Our speciality raw materials

Expertise and great service

We supply a range of silicon-based and carbonless coated raw materials, and bespoke security printed substrates including:

  • Silicone coated kraft, clay-coated and glassine papers available in various weights (from 30gsm to 136gsm and above).
  • Custom printed silicone-based papers.
  • Carbonless coated papers.

Raw materials for a wide range of industries

  • Kraft liner – for integrated labels, peel and seal envelopes and hygiene products.
  • Clay-coated silicone liner – used in the print and manufacture of specialised forms, self-adhesive labels and medical products.
  • Glassine – used in the production of self-adhesive paper and tapes.
  • Carbonless coated papers – used by speciality and security business form manufacturers.
  • PET film (polyester film coated with silicone layer) – for tapes, laminators, typically used in the medical industry.

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