We supply a range of speciality raw material products to manufacturers.

Our range of silicone-based and carbonless-coated raw materials, and bespoke security printed substrates, are used by leading manufacturers of:

  • Paper products – integrated labels, business forms, peel and seal envelopes, glued paper products
  • Hygiene products
  • Adhesive products – tapes, composites and self-adhesives

Available choices include:

  • Kraft, Clay Coated Kraft and Glassine papers available in various weights (from 30gsm to 136gsm and above)
  • Paper rolls (width from 20 mm to 1600 mm) and sheets
  • Silicone-based papers available with print

Types and industry usage:

  • Kraft liner – Integrated labels, peel & seal envelopes and hygienic applications
  • Clay-coated liner – Print and manufacture of special forms, self-adhesive labels, medical products. High grammage papers used in the automotive industry, building and heavy industry
  • Glassine – Production of self-adhesive paper and tapes used in the automotive, heavy industry and building industry
  • Double-side siliconized paper – on selected products
  • PET film (polyester film coated with silicone layer) – tapes, laminators, medical industry

Services include:

  • Coating – Application of CB, CFB, CF and SC coatings to a variety of substrates, not standard to carbonless paper products
  • Glueing – Acrylic and hot-melt adhesives to produce bespoke self-adhesive products
  • Cutting raw materials – Cutting or slitting of standard and non-standard paper products to meet specific needs

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