September 16th, 2021

10 Reasons Why Your Labels Should Be Linerless

If your business is in need of labels to package its products, then you’re probably researching your options to figure out which type of label best suits the needs of your business.

While both lined and linerless labels each have advantages and disadvantages, for businesses who want to reap the most tangible benefits from their labelling choices, linerless labels are the best modern option.

Here are just 10 reasons why:

Linerless rolls can contain multiple different label sizes.

With linerless label rolls, labels of multiple different sizes can be printed one after the other onto the roll, to create the perfect sized label for each product. In addition to ensuring your labels are aesthetically pleasing on your product, this also means that less label material is wasted, as each label is the perfect size – and never too large – for each product.

Linerless labels contribute to increased manufacturing efficiency.

In addition to enabling more labels to be applied to packaging more quickly, the more densely packed linerless label rolls need to be changed less often, and less time is spent changing the rolls, enabling maximum manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Linerless labels allow speedier label application.

As there are around twice as many labels per roll on linerless label rolls – compared to lined label rolls – more labels are able to be applied quickly to products, as the overall time to needed to remove and replace the label rolls is reduced.

More than this, since labels of various sizes can be printed on linerless label rolls, linerless labels allow successions of different products to be labelled more quickly, without having to switch to a different roll of labels.

Linerless labels take up less space.

Another of the benefits of fitting many more labels onto one roll – as is the case with linerless labels – is that storing your linerless labels is easier as they take up less space.

This also means that any associated storage costs you might be paying are also likely be reduced.

Linerless labels contribute to reduced shipping costs.

Since linerless label rolls can fit around twice as many labels on each roll compared to lined label rolls of the equivalent size, the same number of labels take up less space and weigh less than the lined varieties, reducing shipping costs.

Linerless labels contribute to reduced disposal costs.

Another of the significant benefits of linerless label rolls’ lack of waste is that businesses’ overall disposal costs will be reduced, as label liners/backing paper will be one less contribution to the total waste a business will have to pay to dispose of.

Linerless labels are better for the environment.

Because of the lack of liners – which typically aren’t recyclable, and therefore go straight to landfill – linerless labels are the more environmentally friendly choice, as waste from the product Is minimised, and less material is used to produce the same number of labels in the first place.

…And this makes your business more attractive to customers.

More than being an ethical choice, linerless labels – as part of a wider strategy to implement sustainability – makes a business more appealing to work with, or buy from, as businesses and consumers alike make more environmentally informed purchasing decisions.

Linerless labels are less of a hazard.

When lined labels are used, a lot of waste is produced in the form of silicon liners.

In addition to the cost and hassle to dispose of these (and the harm to the environment this causes), this waste can become a hazard in the workplace, as the liners are slippery and can easily go unnoticed on the floor, increasing workers’ risk of slipping and sustaining injury.

Linerless labels are cheaper per label.

Compared to their backing paper adorned counterparts, linerless labels have fewer associated costs, making them the cheaper option overall.

Each linerless label roll is comprised of around twice the number of labels, meaning that while the rolls are more expensive, each label usually isn’t. More than this, due to the reduced shipping, storage and disposal costs associated with using linerless labels, business’ labelling costs can be reduced even further.

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