Brexit readiness update

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Fortoak Brexit Readiness – Updated October 2019 Fortoak remain in a strong position to ensure business continuity as we prepare for Brexit day and beyond. Over the past year we have put into effect several strategies with the aim of making the transition away from EU membership as seamless as possible for both Fortoak [...]

Fortoak champions environmentally friendly coreless till rolls

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Finding ways to reduce single use plastics In the UK we currently consume up to 35.8 million single use plastic bottles a day. Each bottle takes up to 450 years to degrade. The till roll market in 2018 consumed the equivalent of up to 6,000,000 boxes of 20 of 79mm thermal product.  Switching one [...]

Fortoak invests in manufacturing for growth

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Fortoak Manufacturing Ltd Having been acquired by Fortoak Rolls Ltd earlier in the year, Fortoak Manufacturing Ltd is pleased to have acquired machinery to increase current capacity in the UK and Irish markets. This is in addition to the Joint Venture Partnerships the company has which champions the latest Roboplus Machinery as well as [...]

End to end supply chain provision from LTS Global Solutions

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At Fortoak, we strive to achieve exceptional levels of customer service, and keeping our promises to our customers plays a vital role in this. Alongside our own skilled and experienced in-house team, we believe in establishing and sustaining partnerships with our suppliers that reflect these levels of commitment. The logistics solution [...]

Bisphenol (BPA) FREE Strategy

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In December 2016, the European Commission decided to restrict BPA in thermal paper in the EU. This ban will take effect in February 2020, giving manufacturers, importers and users of thermal paper the time to phase it out and find an alternative. Every thermal paper contains a colour developer as a key component [...]

Brexit Readiness Statement

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Fortoak remain in a strong position to cope with changes that a deal or no deal outcome may bring. The waiting is over, and despite deeply divided feelings about the referendum result, the UK is almost certainly on its way out of the European Union. Fortoak has been positioning itself since the referendum result 3 years [...]