April 8th, 2021

4 Things Businesses Must Do Before Reopening on April 12th

As we look forward to the time that non-essential businesses can open again – an event set to happen in the very near future – businesses need to take measures to prepare themselves for the new post-pandemic world.

In contrast to simply picking up where they left off, businesses will have to adapt to embrace a hygiene conscious, socially distant future for the sake of their customers and staff – all while readjusting to the reality of having a brick-and-mortar premises open to the public.

So, if you have a business that’s set to reopen on April 12th, here are four things you should do if you want your business to be ready for the big day;

1. Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment.
If you haven’t already, completing a COVID-19 risk assessment is crucial to allow you to identify areas of your business that are likely to put people – including both staff and customers – at risk of catching the virus or transmitting it to someone else. More than identifying covid-related risk, the assessment will allow you to gain more clarity on what needs to be done next, so that you can make your business the safest it can be. For more information on the COVID-19 risk assessment, click here.

2. Implement PPE and other anti-covid procedures.
Though, luckily, vaccines have been created to protect against the virus, the world is still far from seeing the back of COVID-19. As such, the implementation of rigorous cleaning regimes and PPE is essential to the continued fight against the coronavirus.
In particular, PPE is something that businesses need to consider when re-opening brick-and-mortar premises to the public, as this equipment – including screens and partitions – will play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of customers and staff, by enforcing barriers which prevent the transmission of airborne COVID-19 particles.

3. Brief staff.
In order to make sure COVID-19 safety protocols are adhered to, it’s necessary to make sure that your whole team are on the same page about the safety procedures in place and are all working towards the same goal of making the workplace as safe as possible, for both staff and customers.
More than this, now is the time to consider how you will assemble your staff going forward. Do you need to bring back your entire workforce at once? Or will you keep some staff on furlough until the future of your business becomes clearer, as the country progresses through the post-lockdown roadmap?

4. Spread the message.
Prior to your business’ reopening, it’s a good idea to spread the news online to allow your business to retake its place in the public consciousness and, really, to remind your customers that you exist.

Moreover, you can use this as an opportunity to detail the measures you have in place to protect your customers from the virus, ensuring that their post-lockdown journey is a safe one. When returning to ‘normal’ life, customer anxiety about the virus is likely to be high, so knowing that businesses have these procedures in place will help to bring customers back into your brick-and-mortar premises.

So, to ensure your business is ready for re-opening on April 12th, make sure to carry out your COVID-19 risk assessment, implement anti-coronavirus procedures, brief your staff and let your customers know that you’re back in business.

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