July 22nd, 2021

Fortoak Packaging Thrives During First Two Years of Trading

As a leading provider of packaging products, labels and PPE products in the UK, Fortoak Packaging has established itself as a staple in both the packaging and PPE industry.

In 2020 – the business’ first year of trading – Fortoak sales soared as the company responded to the market’s pressing need for Personal Protective Equipment – including masks and shields, aprons, gloves, hand sanitiser and social distancing tape – as the COVID-19 virus infiltrated the country and made PPE a staple of everyday living.

As a result of successfully and quickly addressing this market need, Fortoak generated an impressive revenue, gross profit and net profit for the year of 2020, especially considering the comparative youth of the business against its competitors.

As we moved into 2021, however, the market need for PPE wasn’t quite as ubiquitous as the previous year, as many establishments and individuals alike had already stocked up on the PPE that they needed.

More than this, as the July 19 date for the (almost) complete relaxation of lockdown rules loomed – when Personal Protective Equipment such as face masks would no longer mandatory to wear by law in indoor public spaces – it was a significant indicator that, though some amount of PPE would be likely to be kept in use throughout the years, the general demand for PPE would continue to fall.

Foreseeing this – in Fortoak Packaging’s second year of trading – the company’s focus shifted to allow them to become a leading supplier of products such as document wallet providers, and – despite the hero products of the previous year being their range of PPE products – in year two the company generated a similarly promising revenue, as their other product ranges became more popular.

Despite their most poignant market decreasing over the last year, Fortoak managed to appeal to other sections of their target market quickly enough to maintain – and even grow – the progress that the business made in 2020, to even surpass the net profit they made in that year in 2021.

Contributing to the success of 2021, Fortoak’s core team was reconfigured earlier in the year to maximise the human value within the company, allowing the business to achieve this impressive feat and to deliver the company to even greater strengths in the years to come.

Aside from offering top quality products, Fortoak’s commitment to the environment – and having a conscientious environmental policy in place that they implement at every step during the production, transportation and sales process – means that they’ll be attractive to the forward-thinking customers that are likely to represent the majority in the future, as the world becomes even more environmentally conscious.

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