November 1st, 2022

Fortoak is Attending the November Paperworld Trade Event in Dubai

From the November 15-17th this year, Fortoak will be attending the Paperworld trade-fair event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to represent the European distribution, in partnership with Henan & Formers Paper Mill: the Xianhe Corp. Ltd, the leading speciality paper manufacturer in China, headquartered in Zhejang.

As an opportunity to establish connections in the paper and print industry, and discover and present new print products and technologies, Fortoak is attending the Paperworld event in Dubai to showcase a range of new innovative product ranges.

Fortoak offer new, stellar quality food packaging ranges, which they plan to release in 2023. The products are manufactured to the highest food-grade production standards at the Xianhe manufacturing facility.

These include: the uncoated packing series, used for both packaging that has direct and indirect contact with food, with superior printing performance and the strength to retain the texture of the base paper; the coated packing series, a low-gram variety used for food-grade art paper like candy packaging and yogurt labels; the grease proof series, used principally for direct contact with ready-to-eat food thanks to its high-hygiene properties and supreme colour expression, and more.

Soon to be released is Fortoak’s newest speciality paper grade for POS applications. This is the phenol-free thermal range – free from chemicals typically present in the majority of paper receipts used today in POS & ATM machines.

Fortoak is thrilled to be taking part in one of the premier paper and print industry events in Dubai in November this year, to learn more about developing products and technologies and to build connections that enable us to deliver the most innovative, high quality paper and packaging products to our customers.

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