October 10th, 2022

Introducing Fortoak’s New Chairman: Simon McCouaig

After a highly successful five years at The Turbon Group – of which he was President and an Executive Board member – Simon McCouaig has joined forces with Fortoak, sharing CEO Alex Vergopoulos’ customer-centric mindset and commitment to sustainable operations.

Garnering over twenty years of experience working with print-associated enterprises and SMEs, Simon has earned a reputation for driving rapid business growth in companies of every size, and for being able to turn even floundering businesses into highly profitable assets.

During his time with the Turbon Group where he supported eight diverse operating companies, turning several failing companies back to profit. McCouaig returned a loss-making cartridge manufacturing facility in Romania to profit in just over a year – in 2020, during the economic plight of the COVID-19 pandemic – and successfully led the multimillion dollar acquisition of a UAE print manufacturing business from NCR Corporation.,

Likewise, in his roles as Vice President and General Manager International at NCR Corporation – an international $7b software, consulting and technology company providing several professional services, electronic products and at the time a broad range of printer consumables & services primarily serving the financial, retail and hospitality markets – Simon McCouaig drove organic business growth from $134m to $191m in just over four years, achieving an impressive CAGR of 9.27%.

Simon credits much of his success to his ability to form strong relationships based on mutual trust, with all stakeholders including the local community, employees, suppliers, customers and investors. Like Fortoak CEO Alex Vergopoulos, Simon recognises that people make up the value of a business – especially its customers.

Simon’s values steer him towards both helping people and the planet. As such, while serving as president at The Turbon Group he introduced and sponsored Corporate Social Responsibility programs across a myriad of operations, so that social and environmental factors would always be taken into consideration when making decisions about operations and interactions with stakeholders.

Now holding his new position as chairman at Fortoak, Simon McCouaig is set to guide the company – as the UK’s leading supplier of till rolls, labels, printer paper and packaging solutions – to even greater success, in a company culture that perfectly aligns with the chairman’s own values and ethos.

Alex Vergopoulos, Group CEO adds – I am extremely pleased Simon has agreed to join Fortoak at this exciting time. His appointment is huge for the Group – and his experience speaks for itself! We look forward to developing the UK market and beyond.

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