August 5th, 2021

Thermal Till Rolls: Your Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the right till rolls for your cash register, POS machine, Chip & Pin or other till roll using apparatus, it can be a minefield, with an array of till roll variations to choose from of all different sizes. Nowadays, most till roll-using equipment are compatible with thermal till rolls, which eradicate the need for a separate ink ribbon, due to the heat-sensitive technology that allows the paper to be turned black, allowing letters and numbers to be printed instantly on the paper by the machine.

Moreover, some cash registers don’t have a place to put an additional ink ribbon, making thermal till rolls essential for many businesses. But what you should be looking for when choosing a thermal till roll.

 Make sure that the thermal till roll you’re buying is the right size.

This is the most important factor to take into consideration when buying a thermal till roll. Specifically, the width of the roll you opt for needs to be perfectly sized for your machine. Most credit card machines use a 57mm thermal till roll, and you should double (and triple) check what width of till roll is right for the machine that you own. Next, you’ll need to consider the diameter – know the maximum diameter that your machine can tolerate and make sure not to buy a roll that exceeds this measurement.

Check the till rolls are cited as compatible with your POS system or card machine.

Whether your card machine is from Ingenico, Cardsave, Veriphone, Sagem, Star, Epsom or another brand, you should make sure that your till roll supplier provides thermal till rolls that are compatible with your machine, and the same goes for any other till roll-using machine you have. And, if in doubt, don’t be afraid to contact your till roll supplier.

Consider human health and the environment.

As the world becomes more environmentally and health-conscious, many businesses are seeking to reduce the harm that they cause to the environment. For this reason, you may want to invest in an eco-friendly thermal till roll option that is BPA-free; as an industrial chemical that has been used in the production of plastics and resins since the 50s, BPA is often found in till rolls, and can have an adverse effect on both wildlife and human health.

In addition to being free from harsh industrial chemicals, you should consider whether the till roll paper is recyclable – 100% recyclable till rolls are the best for reducing your business’ negative impact on the environment – and whether the thermal till roll you’re purchasing is coreless. When you invest in coreless till rolls, all of the till roll product is able to be used. This means that no core waste is produced when all of the paper has been employed, reducing the overall waste your business produces.

So, when you come to buy the thermal till rolls you need for your business, consider size, machine compatibility, and the impact you want to have on the environment when making your purchase.


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