May 31st, 2019

Fortoak invests in manufacturing for growth

Fortoak Manufacturing Ltd

Having been acquired by Fortoak Rolls Ltd earlier in the year, Fortoak Manufacturing Ltd is pleased to have acquired machinery to increase current capacity in the UK and Irish markets. This is in addition to the Joint Venture Partnerships the company has which champions the latest Roboplus Machinery as well as other brands and introduction of coreless technology in the market.

The company sees the opportunity to grow its market significantly and encourage the most efficient and cost effective forms of production to mitigate the price increases the global market has experienced over the past 2 years.

Over the last 10 years the UK market dynamics have included till roll producers here with a mixture of on shore manufacturing supplemented by imported product. We believe this strategy is effective with the diversity of raw material and finished goods supplied sourced from all corners of the world. This is Fortoak’s ongoing strategy.

Fortoak is confident it can drive and mitigate costs over the medium and long term especially with its connections across all producers including the Far East which is more vertically integrated and which has the major links to leuco dye – which has been the chemical which has created most of the recent shortage issues.

Alex Vergopoulos, CEO at Fortoak said

“We are investing for growth. We believe our exposure to the markets, including labels, will drive Fortoak’s growth exponentially over the next 2/3 years.”

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