Ink Ribbons

We carry a range of compatible printer ribbons to support POS, Cash Register and Dot Matrix Printers.

Quality and compatibility

We stock ribbons to support a range of cash register and POS applications that use
traditional impact printing technologies. Twin spool, cassettes and ink rollers designed to
work with leading machine manufacturers such as Sharp, Casio, Samsung, Brother and Star
to name a few.

  • High yield performance
  • Quality fabrics
  • Purple, Black, Back & Red
  • Compatible solutions that provide lowest cost of ownership
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Wax Ribbons

The most common type of thermal printing ribbon. It is recommended for coated and uncoated papers and is often used for shipping labels, warehouse labels, and retail. The ribbon is coated with a wax-based ink that requires a low transfer temperature.

  • Primarily used on coated and uncoated papers
  • Applications include shipping labels, warehouse labels and retail.

Wax Resin Ribbons

More resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. It has a transfer temperature between wax and resin ribbon, produces a sharp and clear image on a wide range of material types.

  • Primarily used on coated & uncoated papers, other substrates.
  • Applications include shipping labels, bar code labels and pharmaceutical labels.

Resin Ribbons

Made with a full layer of pure resin and requires a very high transfer temperature, produces a very durable print resistant to weather, heat, solvent and scratch resistant.

  • For use on a broad range of substrates including plastic, nylon, corrugated, POP
  • Applications include textile labels, medical, plastic cards, and flexible packaging.


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