Coreless Rolls

No core means zero waste, with our eco-friendly coreless thermal till rolls.

Better for the environment, no waste

We can provide rolls with no core. No Plastic. No Cardboard, 100% Coreless.
Eliminating the need for the plastic or cardboard core we can drastically cut down on waste. By making the environmental choice you can save up to 80gms of plastic per box. This is the equivalent to 5 x 500ml bottles of water on every box you use.

The benefits of coreless rolls include:

  • Increased yield due to longer roll length
  • Environmentally friendly. No concerns about core disposal.
  • Less Weight thus saving on freight costs.
  • Made from standard 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm premium quality thermal paper, which delivers high quality printed image

Compatible with most thermal printers.

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